As an IB student, it was essential that I have an idea on what I plan to study in university before I begin grade 12. I had spent the summer of grade 11 researching and reading about different courses and careers; however, when I began grade 12 and I still hadn’t had a clear idea on what I want to study I started to worry and then decided to take the career test provided by AZAR human resources. The test was extremelybeneficial for me as it gave me a much clearer idea of what I should study and what possible careers are suitable for my personality. By taking the test, I was able to narrow my options and even add some possible courses that I haven’t thought of before. As for the test itself, it was really interesting and fun. The results were extremely accurate as they showed my personality in the most detailed and accurate way. Taking the test was not only beneficial educationally, but also psychologically because I was very relieved to have a more vivid description of my career path and future studies. Therefore, I strongly recommend it for anyone who is hesitant towards his/her future plans.
-Jude Al-Khraisha, a student at the Modern Montessori School