My Name is Andrea Khoury, I have been an IG student at National Orthodox School. When I was a senior in high school, I was very indecisive as to what I wanted to study in university so I started to look into what I like to do so I thought of becoming a chef. Yet by coincident I heard about a career counselling company called AZAR Human Resource Solution and again being indecisive about my career choice I went to AZAR Human Resource Solution to take part in a 10-minute online test that was simple and straightforward to determine a career path according to my personality and interests. As I scored the highest in the social aspect, I decided to look more into sociology and other fields in that department. I then found criminology, which sparked my interest. Based on this, I was able to get accepted at The University of Kent to pursue my newfound career path in the science of criminology. If it weren’t for AZAR’s test, I would not have known what my psycho metrics, abilities, and passions would be that would shape my whole future.