Nisreen Qaqish

HR Expert


Education and certifications

  • Bachelor Degree German and English Language
  • Certified Cambridge Human Resource Management
  • Certified International Professional Trainer
  • Certified HR Data Analyst
  • Certified Coach Social Emotional Intelligent 


  • 2010-Now General Manager at AZAR Human Resource Solutions, a company specialised in offering total HR Solutions i.e. recruitment, consultation, payroll outsourcing.(
  • 2004- 2009 Section Head Succession Planning and Internal Communication at Jordan Ahli Bank, 1st Jordanian Bank and one of the leading banks in Jordan.(

Zwolle Nisreen Qaqish has more than 16 years of experience in Human Resource. Ten years ago, she established her HR company AZAR Human Resource Solutions. Since then, she helped many local and international companies recruit the right fit, develop the function of Human Resources, and or to analyse the current talent for restructuring purposes.
Nisreen work hand by hand with her client, to offer them the proper solution, that fits with their current culture, and support them through the implementation phase to achieve their business goals.
Nisreen has gained her extensive experience by working at Jordan Ahli Bank, one of the leading banks in Jordan, where she was responsible for different functions of HR such as recruitment, Oracle HRMS project management, Succession Planning and Internal communications. She has also participated in different projects, i.e. Jubilee project which was a major restructuring project where she worked with international companies to transform the bank from an operational bank to a retail bank that is focused on sales and customer service.
Nisreen is always striving to know more about Human Resources, she enrols continuously in different HR courses, and recently during the pandemic, she has completed the certificate of HR Data Analytics.
Nisreen believes a lot in using psychometric assessments, therefore 7 years ago she has worked with Central Test to help companies to use the assessment to make decisions related to career development, hiring, and or succession planning. She has helped several companies in the region to get the benefit of using the assessment by briefing the assessment and preparing reports that help their client make the proper decision.
Finally, in addition to her work in the field of consulting and recruitment, Nisreen is a certified trainer during her career, she has trained more than 1,200 trainees.