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HR Management has become a fundamental factor in the success of any small, medium, or large business. As an effective HR Management solution consumes considerable cost, effort, and time, AZARHRS is designed to provide strategic and integrated services to streamline the cost and complexities of HR management, employee compensation and benefits, payroll, and more.

Our main concern at AZARHRS is to satisfy the organization's needs through a unique and standardized approach that best suits the organization's goals, objectives and needs, making the path towards the organization vision clearer and easier.

Our Services include:




"Focusing on What You Do Best"

Whatever your company's human resources requirements are, AZARHRS offers a wide variety of services, such as payroll or staffing.

Depending on the size of your business and how much control you want to maintain over HR functions, you can either outsource all your HR tasks or contract for services a la carte.

In addition to allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities, outsourcing provides some key benefits, including:

-    Lowered and controlled costs

-    Improved delivery

-    Reduced compliance risk

-    Freed up time to focus on strategic HR

-    Improved HR investments' ROI


- We are proud to be one of the pioneers to launch our ASO (Administrative Services Outsourcing) in Jordan. This service model offers clients a full range of human resources consulting, insurance administration and payroll services, without requiring the establishment of a co-employment relationship. Currently, we are launching two HR outsourcing systems: Operation Outsourcing and Payroll Outsourcing

HR Administration Outsourcing:

HR Administration services at AZAR aim towards taking care of all employee's issues, and making sure that your employees are well-oriented to the organization starting from their recruitment at the organization until they leave the organization.

AZARHRS keeps an accurate record for each employee that is constantly updated; our records store the employee's vacations and leaves, balance, notifications, exit questionnaires, and any other related issues

Through HR outsourcing, we offer the following deliverables

-          Reference and right to work checking

-          Maintenance of employee records on the HR database

-          New starter administration and notifications

-          Probationary period administration

-          Holiday, sickness, absence and family leave administration

-          Exit questionnaires

Payroll Outsourcing:

For any small, medium or large organization, managing the employee's financial issues is a fundamental issue that consumes much time and effort. With AZARHRS, organizations can guarantee that not only their HR operations and daily issues are handled, but also payroll processing is accurately handled too. By taking off this burden off your organization's shoulders, your team can undertake other activities that can add value to the organization.


AZARHRS payroll administration services' comprehension and accuracy will guarantee dedication to your account and will ensure that your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.


Through Payroll outsourcing, we offer the following deliverables

-          Fully managed payroll

-          Payments to employees and 3rd parties

-          Comprehensive reporting

  1. Executive Search

"Deploying the Perfect Fit"

By supporting the executive search service, the organization guarantees the employment of the right resource in the right position, and hence, this resource can effectively contribute in the success of the organization. Such service stems from the fact that the human factor plays a significant role in enhancing the organization's bottom line.

This service is based on high standards that seek competent, reliable candidates with high integrity to satisfy the clients with their real needs rather than gap filling. Therefore, we provide our clients with the best fit and allocation for their requirements through a thorough study and our diversified networks within the client's industry

  1. Consultation:

"Making HR Strategic"

AZARHRS consultation services managed by our trained advisors can help you explore your interests, values, beliefs, skills and personalities of your employees.

Our methodology aims towards improving the performance of the organization and is competency based, which means that this methodology is concerned of fulfilling skills, knowledge, and experience. Our services include:

-          Organization design and development

-          HR policies and procedures

-          Strategic compensation and benefits management

-          Training management

-          Career development and succession planning

-          Internal relations.



"Managing Employee Information effectively"


With AZARHRS, organizations can take advantage of our partnerships and relations. Being partner with ISS, who owns HRVOLT, the services that we offer will be more comprehensive and valuable.

HRMSVOLT is a comprehensive Human Resources Management System that contains an integrated set of applications to deal with all aspects of managing and planning human resources in an organization, including the following applications:

o   VOLT- HR: maintains your daily organization and employee information

o   VOLT-Pay: controls your payroll easily

o   VOLT-Attendance: monitors the attendance of your employees easily

o   VOLT-ESS: communicates your daily HR operations with a self- service solution

o   VOLT- Competency: manages your training programs, career paths and performance management in a more effective and efficient way


"Maximizing Performance"

We believe in providing our customers with leading training and support to maximize performance and profitability. Our Trainers are subject matter experts who do what they preach and their passion is to transfer the knowledge to others.

We make sure that our training is done in a form of interactive workshop style that is full of exercises, case studies, discussions and much more.

For more details about our training courses please download our training calendar, We offer training in the following domains:

1- Social Media
2- Innovation
3- Human Resource
4- Public Relations
5- Burnout
6- Orientation

Other courses will be offered soon.


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